Sunday, November 13, 2011

Santa Barbara Marathon

Had fun watching Brian and Sally run their first marathon! Thanks Morg for the pics!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


we have been so busy and having so much fun this summer and i have a million pictures and stories to share but i'm a little bit too lazy to do it right now. this is a photobooth pic that navy and i took on an outing to the mall. i love my mini-me!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Pirate's Cove!

for brian's work we got to go to pirate's cove in boulder city, nv near las vegas for 3 days. words can not describe how awesome it was. prior to going i knew it would be great, but i had no idea how great. the whole Neff office and the families of the employees got to go. the purpose for the trip was to shoot the spring/summer 2012 Neff catalog. but for the wives and kids it was all for fun!. Pirate's cove is a vacation home for the owner of Nuskin. it is a 20 room, 25 bathroom mansion. it took brian and i about an hour to explore the whole place. it has a full gym, an indoor basketball court, 3 pools, 2 amazing water slides, huge platforms (actually crows nests on the mast of a ship) for jumping good food, an ice cream and slushy machine right outside our door and the list goes on. our bedroom had a sauna and steam shower in the room! it was unbelievable and the whole place is covered with pirate themed things and skeletons. navy has been obsessed with pirate's of the caribbean for a few months now so for her this place a dream come true. i didn't take many pictures cuz i was in the water most of the time and the few i have in no was do it justice. there was a photographer and video guys there the whole time though so i'll show those when i can, but for now here you are:

the Neff's took care of everything. they are so generous. brian's job is amazing. we are so lucky!

so much fun

so we are back from Bonner's Ferry and it was awesome! i love to go to my parents house. navy can play outside, bug hunting, mud painting, hiking and adventure seeking. my dad FINALLY got to meet audio and they are the best of buddies.

navy with her best friend jasper
this picture sums up navy and audio's relationship. haha
in the snow with my mom. we never get snow in ventura so this was a real treat!
"dog food art" navy disappeared for 20 minutes one day and when i found her she had made this. a rose on the left and Dumbo in a party hat on the right. i love this girl!
swinging. idaho is beautiful.
me and my cozy kiddos
love that face
waving to the easter bunny at the community easter egg hunt with teija
they had hundreds of real hard boiled eggs!
mother's day

check out those buns. at 6 months he is almost 21 lbs. navy was well over a year before she was 20 lbs.
navy crashed on the stairs at the new house. she was tough though and has an awesome scar now to prove it!
another snowy day!
we were in idaho for a whole month. it was great.