Thursday, February 24, 2011

fun with Photobooth

So today navy and i had fun with the photobooth program on the computer. she wants to tell me all the captions. here we go...

me and mom

at eiffel tower

me and mom did this... some funny pictures.

we did this picture in outerspace

we are in a little girl's polkadot dress and skirt

dear navy and mom,  we did this together.

at the sunset with the beach and the dolphins and the killer whales

i look like a little baby monster and mom looks like an old Egypt man

i look like a chinese princess

mom looks like a creepy dinosaur alien

we are glowing in the house

we are in an x-ray

we are in 4 different colored squares

we are drawing with a pencil on us

we are at the china wall with a waterfall
I love to hang out with my girl while audio is sleeping. she is my favorite friend.

Monday, February 21, 2011

some pictures

handsome boy!

he is almost 4 months already!


my kids!

#1 dad looking sexy in the Moby wrap!

she'a an artist...what can i say.

teija  made these SUPER cute hats! we LOVE them!

Brian's birthday was last wednesday and navy asked if we could have a costume party. she told me that she was "a devil hiding behind a pumpkin."

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beach Day!!!

 I really can't say enough about Ventura!!! it is soooo awesome! we love it here! the weather is perfect ALWAYS! and we just live in the best location. the other day we went to the beach with shaun neff and his wife courtni and their kids Lyon and Jett it was sooo nice and fun. here are some pictures that Courtni took...
Navy about to squish a sea urchin

they are so cute together. LOVE IT!! they are about 6 months apart and love each other!

throwing rocks with Jett.

me and courtni with our babes Lyon and Audio

more rock throwing

everybody looking for sea urchins! they will spray when you squish them!

so get this... we were at the beach and all of a sudden there is a guy walking 2 goats down by the water like they are dogs...CRAZY. he rescued them from a petting zoo. navy loved it!

we loved it! it was our very own petting zoo!

Audio enjoying his Saturday afternoon

crazy guy and his goats!

more sea urchin squishing!