Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winters in Ventura are perfect!

we have a good tradition started of going of weekly hikes. here we are in Indian Cave. Navy decided we should play vampires in there.

my cheesy girl.

really pretty waterfall though

at the end of our hike. it was really good one. whenever anyone comes to visit us, we'll know all the good spots to go!

and the dressing up of her brother begins...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The beach on January 14th

how lucky are we. it is warm enough in january to go to beach!! LOVE IT!
p.s. we went to Utah for Christmas...but took no pictures! thanks everyone for everything!

Lake Casitas

I LOVE living in Ventura. the beach is a mile away but the mountains are almost equally as close. the other day brian rode his bike to Lake Casitas and we met him there to hike around. it was so pretty and so nice to be in a forest again (sometimes i really miss tahoe). here are some pics ....
Navy loves adventures with Brian

We stopped to have a snack and feed the ducks

taking a short-cut

Navy turns 4!!

Navy had a great birthday! we went and saw Tangled which we loved and then met dad at Chucky Cheese. she loved every minute of it! here is Navy on her favorite ride!     

she was sooooooo excited to meet Chucky and she invited him to come to her house to play barbies!

cruisin' with her brother

she was VERY specific about what cake she wanted...this is how it turned out.

birthday breakfast= pancakes with syrup powdered sugar and rainbowy sprinkles. sugar overload!

her birthday began with a snuggle with Audio. they seriously love each other. he smiles whenever she talks to him.