Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The beach on January 14th

how lucky are we. it is warm enough in january to go to beach!! LOVE IT!
p.s. we went to Utah for Christmas...but took no pictures! thanks everyone for everything!


A+M said...

your kids are so crazy cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for putting up all these photos, we LOVE them!

Sally said...

Beachin it up in January! Don't you love that!? I'm glad you guys are out there enjoying it.
I want to squeeze Audio!! He's getting cuter and cuter.
Liking BO's buzz cut!

nicole boice said...

i just miss you so much, and i dream about you all the time, and your kids are beautiful, and i want to be going on hikes with you, and all these pics are so cute, and you're such a good mom making specialty cakes, and i want you to be my mom.
also, good updates, keep it up.

Teija in PDX said...

I'm seriously craving your company right now! Just wanna come over and eat treats and hang out with you... oh and squeeze Audio's cheeks. Can't wait to see you in BF in a few weeks! Got your tix booked yet? Let me know dates.

Teija in PDX said...

I just saved as my desktop background the pic of Audio on the beach with the sun behind him. Such a cute chub-a-lub. I just want to eat him up!