Thursday, May 15, 2008

little fashionista

i don't know how to flip pictures so you'll just have to turn your heads. so navy came out of my room wearing this this morning. she has on my shirt and brian's skateboarding helmet. she wore them for like 20 minutes just prancing around. she was quite proud of her little ensemble. so right now brian is driving home from san francisco. he just flew up there yesterday. it seems that our little honda with nearly 300,000 miles on it, has finally kick the bucket. luckily we found out about a month ago the brian's aunt was looking to get rid of a car and we just needed to get up there and get it. soooo lucky. she even gave brian $100 for gas money. a free car and gas money! so we'll be driving a white '96 oldsmobile for awhile. at least it has air conditioning cuz it is supposed to be almost 100 degrees for the next few days here. yuck! on monday i am on my way up to idaho to stay with my parents for a few weeks while brian is on tour. i'm so excited! my parents are even more excited. navy will get to play with all the farm animals my parents neighbors have and mom and dad's dog and cats. she'll we in heaven!

Monday, May 12, 2008

love you long time

so brian is in a band called love you long time and it takes up a lot of time in both of our lives. he started the band about 4 years ago and after several changes in the line-up of people, it is now brian (guitar,vocals, keyboard), his sister sally (keytar), her husband shane (bass), and our friend liam (drums). it's has taken awhile but they are doing so good now. they tour a ton, have some super legit managers and an entertainment lawyer and have played some pretty huge shows mostly in the utah and idaho area. they have played with colbie calet (sp?), dashboard confessional, the format, limbeck, aqua bats (twice), shiny toy guns and most recently eve six. it's so fun to be an (almost) rockstar's wife. their music is good and uplifting and they try hard to be good examples and share the gospel whenever possible. check them out at they just put up 3 new songs yesterday and they're getting tons of plays.
p.s. how hot is brian!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mother's day

i have the best life!! i love being a mom. i have an awesome husband (who got me 7 2 liter coke zeros for mother's day) and the easiest, happiest little girl. i am so fortunate to be a stay at home mom. i love that i belong to a church that praises mother's and understands the importance of a mother staying at mom. i am so lucky to have a mom that raised in the church even without having my dad there with her. she was and is, so strong and patient and nonjudgemental. what a great example. here are a few new pictures. Brian made lasagna for us today and navy throughly enjoyed it. happy mother's day to a the beautiful mom's i know,

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

looking back

brian and i have been so blessed to be able to travel. we have so many memories and have done so many once in a lifetime things already. lately i have been thinking about life before navy, and even though i wouldn't change the way my life is with her in it, i do miss the freedom not having her allowed. i do count myself lucky though that we did do such awesome things before be had navy. all these pictures are of a trip bri and i took the summer after we got married while we were living in beijing. the first one is of us at about 14,000 feet at sunrise on a mountain in eastern china called Emei Shan. it took us all afternoon and most of the night to climb. we slept next to a buddist monastery and woke up to see the sunrise. so gorgeous.
the next picture in in tibet. we were just walking around the grounds of a monastery and ran in to these monks. they were on there way to bathe in a stream right behind us. we talked to them for a while. one of them knew a little chinese and we spoke a little chinese so we were able to communicate that way. while i tibet we stayed at monasteries, went to early morning chants (kinda like seminary for the young monks), rode yaks up a mountain, and saw enough buddist temples to last a lifetime. last year china opened a railway that goes from china to tibet. when we were there you could only fly in ( too expensive for mst chinese)or take a five day trip in a truck. for that reason there were very few people who visited tibet. now hundreds of people everyday go in. apparently now it is very touristy and nothing like what it was like when we visited. we went just in time.
the next picture is in thailand. heaven on earth! amazing food! so cheap! you can stay in a bungalow on the beach for less than $5 a day. the water is clean and beautiful and warm and you can mostly get by speaking english. everyone should go someday. we hiked around the islands with our backpacks and stayed at a different bungalow every night. we even stayed in a tree house with the water coming right up to the trunk when the tide came in. i felt like i was on the swiss family robinson. the next picture i didn't mean to put up and don't know how to take it off but it is Guilin in southern china. the mountains are like Dr. Seuss mountains. the next one is in thailand again eating dinner on the beach at little tables that were set up close to the water edge. i wish i remember what i was eating.
ok, well that's enough looking back. it's fun to remember. i wrote this post more for me then anyone else. i have never been good at keeping a journal, taking pictures, or blogging (obviously) but i just don't want to forget where i have been and what i have seen.

Friday, May 2, 2008

the last few months in pictures

navy is growing up so fast. everyday she says new words and tries to mimic what we do and say. she is better at beat boxing the i am thanks to brian and she can make every animal sound that i can think of. she also says: mom, dad, walk, bike, baby, drink, chip,hi, bye, ant, birdie, bee, book, boy, girl and lot's more. she'll probably add like 3 more to that list just today. so she started walking right when we got home from china and that has changed our lives significantly. whenever i am carrying her around she ways "walk, walk" and it's nice cuz finally i don't wake up every morning with a back ache. life is good. brian's band is doing awesome, they got managers and an entertainment lawyer that is shopping there music around to labels, it's finally happening and i'm so proud of him even though she leaves navy and i for tour quite a bit. so a little bit about the pictures: the first is navy wearing one of brian's scarves. she always wants to wear one just like him. the next one is in china again. navy wants me to read her books all day long. she seriously would be more then happy if i just read to her all day long. the next one is of us when we visited my parent in idaho in like march i think it was. they are still living in a tiny trailer while they are finalizing the plans on their hour they are building. the next couple are just navy at home. she looks like such a scraggamuffin in the last one but i love it. anyways that' is a little bit about us. i'll try not to let 5 months go by without updating again but you me!! haha.

I's about time!

so i'm going to to put up a bunch of pictures of navy since that is all anyone wants to see anyways. all the first ones are from our Christmas in china 4 months ago. the first one is with her uncles sam and joe. i love that one cuz i think she looks like a porcelain doll. the next one is at the forbidden city on navy's birthday. it was freezing cold and navy was sick but we had to document her birthday at a cool place! the next two are at the great wall. navy was still sick and it was freezing and she wasn't too stoked about our hike up the wall. the next one is her birthday again. we should have taken a picture of the 50 chinese people taking a pictures of navy and all of us! we're like celebrities in china just cuz we're white and having navy there was nuts. the next one i took yesterday. she is looking down at some kids playing and at the swimming pool. we love it here in glendale. the weather is always nice and everything is so close by. look at her cute little chicken legs! so i suck at this whole blogging thing so i'm gonna publish this one so that i can put some more pictures up without them going to the top of this page.