Friday, May 2, 2008

I's about time!

so i'm going to to put up a bunch of pictures of navy since that is all anyone wants to see anyways. all the first ones are from our Christmas in china 4 months ago. the first one is with her uncles sam and joe. i love that one cuz i think she looks like a porcelain doll. the next one is at the forbidden city on navy's birthday. it was freezing cold and navy was sick but we had to document her birthday at a cool place! the next two are at the great wall. navy was still sick and it was freezing and she wasn't too stoked about our hike up the wall. the next one is her birthday again. we should have taken a picture of the 50 chinese people taking a pictures of navy and all of us! we're like celebrities in china just cuz we're white and having navy there was nuts. the next one i took yesterday. she is looking down at some kids playing and at the swimming pool. we love it here in glendale. the weather is always nice and everything is so close by. look at her cute little chicken legs! so i suck at this whole blogging thing so i'm gonna publish this one so that i can put some more pictures up without them going to the top of this page.

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