Friday, May 2, 2008

the last few months in pictures

navy is growing up so fast. everyday she says new words and tries to mimic what we do and say. she is better at beat boxing the i am thanks to brian and she can make every animal sound that i can think of. she also says: mom, dad, walk, bike, baby, drink, chip,hi, bye, ant, birdie, bee, book, boy, girl and lot's more. she'll probably add like 3 more to that list just today. so she started walking right when we got home from china and that has changed our lives significantly. whenever i am carrying her around she ways "walk, walk" and it's nice cuz finally i don't wake up every morning with a back ache. life is good. brian's band is doing awesome, they got managers and an entertainment lawyer that is shopping there music around to labels, it's finally happening and i'm so proud of him even though she leaves navy and i for tour quite a bit. so a little bit about the pictures: the first is navy wearing one of brian's scarves. she always wants to wear one just like him. the next one is in china again. navy wants me to read her books all day long. she seriously would be more then happy if i just read to her all day long. the next one is of us when we visited my parent in idaho in like march i think it was. they are still living in a tiny trailer while they are finalizing the plans on their hour they are building. the next couple are just navy at home. she looks like such a scraggamuffin in the last one but i love it. anyways that' is a little bit about us. i'll try not to let 5 months go by without updating again but you me!! haha.


nicole boice said...

be still my heart.... i am so happy that you updated. navy is the cutest thing i've ever seen, and i want to hang out with her so bad! you are beautiful as always. i miss you so much. when i was on the plane coming to arizona, the girl sitting next to me kinda reminded me of you and it made my heart ache. i wanted so badly for it to really be you sitting next to me. i love you.

sarawhat said...

ummmm, excuse me! What is this comment on Nicole's blog that she's the only who checks! I check your blog EVERY day. :) So nice to see it has finally changed a little. Love all these pictures and I love love Navy and all of her toddler cuteness. AND, I love your hair and everything about you for that matter. So who's the better the or Nicole. :) Just kidding....we all know the answer to that. I love you Nicole. I would call you, if only I had your number in my phone still.