Saturday, January 16, 2010

so today when we were all at the DI doing a little bit of shopping. i left Navy over by all the toys while i went to look at some clothes. i showed her where i would be and she was totally fine with me being like 50 ft away from her. so i'm looking at some jackets and i here over the loud speaker "can the parents of Ariel with the pink coat, please come to the front." that girl! i have to always have my ears open for not only her name but ariel, jasmine, tinkerbell, alice in wonderland or any other princess name!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

today is my girl's birthday!

Navy is 3! holy cow, how did that happen. she has been resisting becoming three for like 6 months now. every time i ever mentioned her birthday she would tell me "i don't want to be 3 or 4." then i would tell her "but you will be a big girl." the she says "but look...i'm still little." well this morning we went through this whole thing again until i told her " well i have a barbie cake waiting for you and some presents..." navy then stands up and says "ok ok it's my birthday, i'm 3...but i'm still little." who ever heard of a kid who WANTS to stay little!
She saw some barbie cakes at albertsons a long time ago and asked me if she could have one. to appease her i said "maybe for your birthday." well for anyone who knows navy, you know she doesn't forget ANYTHING. over the last several months she has randomly talked about the barbie cake she would get for her birthday, soooo, i made her one.

I'm pretty proud of it! i think it turned out really well! and yes it does say happy birthday jasmine. Navy changes her name to a different princess name daily. i asked her yesterday what her name would be today so i could put it on her cake and she said jasmine. so there you go...jasmine is three!
Along with turning three and being a big girl comes going the big kids class a church. this her after church on her first day being a Sunbeam (that is what her primary class is called.) she is wearing one of my old outfits that my mom saved. the sailor outfit is so fitting for her!
snow angels with daddy. navy is still not sure if she likes the snow (neither am i). the first day after we moved to rexburg navy said "it's not cold in long beach. we shouldn't move here." she does like eating the snow though.
my mom came to visit us and we loved it. aiti is the only person that she will completely ignore for me. she chooses aiti over me every time.
her snowwoman. to her everything is a girl!
sledding! she's so brave!

random picture of navy crossing her eyes! shhhh...don't tell her she is not actually doing it. haha
temple square during christmas time. i have a few christmas pictures that i have been meaning to put up for awhile, so here they are.
the crazy crowd at papa's. it was sooooo fun and papa makes biscuits and gravy that are putting up a really good fight with my dad's for best and i have never had anyone even come close to that! navy got a barbie house from papa and grandma nancy an she looooooves it!

i got an apron from teija
navy with her ariel doll from santa and hello kitty bag from Dana!
she loves the puppies she got from sam and joe. she immediately named the brown one beyonce and the white one lady gaga.
coming upstairs to see all her presents on christmas morning!

so now i'm all caught up and hopefully i'll be a more regular blogger. i think i say that almost every time i post though. maybe i should make it a new years resolution since i have not actually resolved to do anything! haha

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Last few weeks in long beach

So as many of you know, we moved back to Rexburg so Brian could finish school. We will be here until July and so far i'm loving it! but first i wanna share with you the last few weeks we had in long beach.
Beach photo shoot. i know my eyes are closed but what else is new, right!
i can't believe we were at the beach a few weeks ago! it's freezing here!
LA actually looks kind of heavenly!
at the griffith observatory.
Sierra and navy playing beauty salon. we miss her soooo much already. Sierra was navy's 11 year old best friend who lived across the hall from us and spent most of her waking hours with us when she wasn't at school. she was great! i miss my free babysitter. i am playing way too much barbies and ponies without sierra around.
down town long beach. no more bare feet. it's snow boots all day every day!
on the ferris wheel down town.
we went to disneyland!!! thanks so much morgan! it was amazing. navy loved every second of it. i was a little skeptical of disneyland cuz i only went once when i was like 8, but it really was great. i think seeing it through navy's eyes made even more magical! she LOVED the princesses!
Small World

Long Beach we'll miss you! but rexburg has been treating us pretty good. more on that later!