Thursday, December 18, 2008

bonners ferry

it was so fun to see my parents! navy got to play in the snow, torture the catsand the dog, sit on santa's lap, be tortured by my dad (well maybe just teased), swing in the apple tree, and read lots of books with my mom. the last few days of our trip were freezing cold! like a high of 6 and a low of -6. soooo cold especially when here in LA everyone get's out there winter parkas and hats and gloves when it is 60 degrees. we are getting sooooo excited for brian's family to get here in a few days. navy is going to be out of control with her two young uncles. it is so cute to see how much she loves them even though she has only actually seen them in real life few times. they will be here on saturday!!most everyone has seen the pics already since i emailed them, but for those who haven't, here are some of the best.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas tree!

first off, i'm sorry for not flipping the pictures but i'm using brian's computer and i'm just lucky i figured out how to get them up at all. i'll flip them when i have brian to help. sorry, i know they are a pain to look at. yesterday we went out and got a christmas tree! it's real little but it makes it feel a little more christmasy especially since it is 70 degrees on a cold day and we are surrounded by palm trees. navy loved to play with the fake snow and reindeer and snowman yard decoratios all over the tree lot. so next week navy and off to bonner's ferry again for 10 days so we'll have some real snow pictures soon. then when i get back bri's family is coming for a few weeks. we will have an exciting month coming up!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

new apartment

main entrance

right outside our apartment

another one right outside our apartment.

so we have moved to downtown LA. we are literally in the middle of all the big downtown buildings. our aprtment is amazing and i can't believe we live here. it is like staying at a fancy carribean hotel only we are here all the time (oh and we're in LA not some tropical island , but you would never know it is you never left our complex). there are 3 pools and hot tubs, an awesome gym with tv's on every machine, a sauna and and steam room, virtual golf, and bowling, an indoor basketball court, and water fountains and and tropical plants EVERYWHERE! it is seriously like we are on vacation but we would never even then stay at a place like this. here are some pictures i took off the website but you can check out more at apparently gisele (yes the gisele as in victoria's secret) lives here, i have yet to run into her!
the only drawback i s being right downtown so there are no grocery stores or parks nearby. lucky for navy our whole complex it one big park that she loves to explore!

Friday, October 24, 2008

teija in LA

Teija has been here to vist me since wednesday and we are having so much fun, navy loves DeDe. last night we went to watch brian play a show at the Roxy in Hollywood, Here's some pictures,

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

best friends

i stole this picture from sara'sblog because i didn't bring my camera with me for the week i spent in huntington beach with nicole and sara. about a month ago navy and i went to HB to spend some time with my best friend's sara and nicole. nicole came down from idaho and sara was there from florida visiting her family. we had soooooo much fun. we went out to eat and to the beach lots. when we weren't doing those things we were hanging out at her grandma's pool. it was heaven. sara's sister mary was nice enough to babysit navy and sara's two kids a few times so we could have a more relaxing time at the beach or at restaurants. i loved it and navy loved swimming and playing with sara's kids. this is a picture of us at the beach. it was awesome being down there with two people that i love and miss so much. in about a month sara is moving to germany and will be there for at least 3 years. it will be so sad to not see her for a long time but i am so grateful that we had that amazing week together.

Monday, September 15, 2008

One more pictures

i took this picture this morning. she is wearing a hat that her grandma gave her that has hair attached to it. she calls it her barbie hat. she is getting so old and so much more kid like and talking constantly. life with navy is non-stop entertainment. as a side note, have you ever noticed that woman get more wrinkles then men? i have a theory on why. women are constantly smiling at their kids so those lines in our faces become permanent. it's a small price to pay for being a mom!

recent favorite navy pictures

Brian gave her a tatoo.
She picked these flowers on the way home from church.
Navy's owies from a few weeks ago. i told her to do a funny face and that's what she did.
Her hair is FINALLY growing!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Bonner's Ferry

here's navy reading one of my books wearing a hat teija made.
sister's at the river

walking on my parent's property

i spent 2 wonderful weeks in idaho with my parents. we love it there. navy plays outside all day picking flowers ("no no no!" she tells me when she does. but it doesn't seem to stop her), chasing the dog and cats and pulling their tails (once again i hear "no no no" but it didn't stop the whole time), and going for walks. we went to the nighbor's house and saw there cows, chickens, bunnys and cats. navy loved it. my sister even came up from portland for a few days and it was soooo fun to have her. navy loves her De De.  mom had one of the weeks i was there off from work too so i got to see a lot more of her on this trip then i did on the last few. i love my mom. we are similar. thanks to dad we ate so much good food lot's of it having to do with huckleberries since my dad is obsessed with picking them. if anyone wants a huckleberry milkshake or smoothie, or pancakes, or pie, come on over cuz dad sent me home with a ton.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


so i just got back from my parent's house in idaho and i have lots of pictures and stories to share, but that can wait. i just read the nicest, most heart warmng and tear inducing post from nicole about my sister and i and it required an immediate response. she has been my best friend since seventh grade. she is my better half. i know that term is usually reserved for spouses, but nicole has always made me want to be a better person. never mind WWJD, for me it was always WWND (what would nicole do?) she is such a good example to me. and loved me no matter what. we have so many memories. chris' cafe for early morning breakfast. i would go to her house at like 7 am in the summer time, sneak into her room and wake her up and we would go out to breakfast in our pajamas. nicole one of my favorite memories is laying with your mom in bed after a party and telling her all about it. she would gossip with us just like she was a sixteen year old girl. remember when your mom put on a big hoodie and came with us to a party at the beach? haha! anyways, look how cute these old pics are that i got off my parents computer. i love you nicole. don't those pictures just take you back in time?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

while we were in newport we went out to balboa island and ride the carousel. navy loved it and was making horse noises the whole time. yes, she's wearing her pajamas, i didn't want to have to change her clothes for bed when we got home cuz i knew she would fall asleep on the way home. some call it lazy, but i call it smart.

Friday, July 4, 2008

newport beach

after the wedding brian's parents rented ahouse in newport beach for a week and it was so fun. everyday we woke up, put on our swimsuits and layed out, flew kites, boogie boarded, rode bikes, and ate real good food. it was heaven. navy loved playing with her uncles and they loved her, and i loved having 24/7 babysitters.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

alex and morgan's wedding

so last week brian's brother alex got married to morgan in the san diego temple. it was so beautiful and brian's family came here from china for it so it was so fun. morgan was beautiful and alex was so cute. i loved their hats. at the recption all of us in the wedding party wore hots too. it was cute and it really made me think that i could have done things so much different for my own wedding. they just did everything they wanted and i didn't really pput much thought into mine. teija planned the whole thing (thanks)! =according to bri's mom, navy was the best decoration of alex's whole wedding! she was so cute just running around and playing with kids there. i barely saw her the wholetime. the only bad thing about it all was that it was way too hot even in in san diego. taking pictures was hard for all of us. i felt really sorry for alex in his suit. for the week after the wedding we stayed in a beach house right on the boardwalk in newport beach so expect a few more post and lots of pictures pretty soon.