Friday, July 4, 2008

newport beach

after the wedding brian's parents rented ahouse in newport beach for a week and it was so fun. everyday we woke up, put on our swimsuits and layed out, flew kites, boogie boarded, rode bikes, and ate real good food. it was heaven. navy loved playing with her uncles and they loved her, and i loved having 24/7 babysitters.


sarawhat said...

I can't get over that picture of her with the huge soda. Cutest picture ever. YOu need to put that one in a frame. You guys are all so cute.

Teija in PDX said...

I agree with Sara. It's the most adorable photo I've ever seen. It's posted everywhere I look. My computer screen, my desk at work, my room. It's da BEST!!!

heather said...

i love that pictuer of her with the soda. i agree, frame it!