Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Saturday, April 9, 2011

More pictures!

oooh i love those lips!

these were all taken last weekend at the park across the street from our apt. Audio makes the cutest/funniest faces!

daddio and audio boy!

they had a wrestling match on the grass

me and my babes!

i love those two faces!
So i know our families mostly just wants to see pictures since we talk all the time...so here you go. MORE!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

it's been awhile!

Teija made Audio this shirt and it is already too small, so i thought i would get at least one picture of him in it. Before he was born she always called him "Oscar Meyer Wiener Osborne" so she designed and made him a shirt that says it!! so cute!!

a few weekends ago we went to the aquarium in Santa Barbara only about a half an hour north of us. here is navy petting a shark. she is fearless and i love it! check out her cute Neff cupcake beanie!

after the aquarium we went shopping and we just happened to run into jennie garth and her husband Peter Facinelli and their kids (navy was pretty excited to see Carlisle Cullen...if i have to admit it, i was too. haha). here's jennie in the backgroud!!!! Navy had fun playing with the masks at that store and jennie bought one of her kids some cowboy boots :) (Just f.y.i.)

Navy's yogurtland creation!!! that place was made for kids (and adults). Yummy!!

navy got a playdoh ice cream set for christmas from grandma juanita and really wanted me to show everyone what we made!!!

ahhhh! cute face! my big boy is now 5 months old and 18.3 lbs! for a little perspective, i was 19 lbs. when i was 16 months!!! he is HUGE!!!!

Brian's bother alex came to visit  from austrailia

Alex and navy squishing sea urchins in Ventura.

Sleepy boy. i love knuckle dimples!

they love each other!!! it is so nice to have navy around!! she is constant entertainment for everyone!!

the other day we walked to the beach. here's Audio soaking up the sun!!

it's been awhile since i updated my blog! sorry guys! life with 2 kids is busy but fun. i'm lucky that Navy LOVES her preschool and is really good at playing by herself. Audio and her seriously love each other. i'm so lucky that i never had to deal with any jealousy issues. Navy is the big sister that anyone would love and Audio is lucky enough to have! Next Tuesday we leave for Bonner's Ferry to visit my parents in their new house. My dad hasn't even met Audio yet, so we are all really excited! we will be there for a whole month! so so fun!!
i just realized that there are no pics of me on here this time. the ones i tried didn't work, so i'll have to get brian's help when he gets home from work. i just might have to put some more pictures up again soon ;)