Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Top Model

so last night (at like 11:30 pm) navy got all dressed up in this outfit. i thought she was cute so i pulled out the camera and took like 20 pictures of her and she just kept posing. everytime i would take one she would change her pose. i swear she thought was in a photoshoot for Vogue magazine! she is such a ham! i couldn't get her to smile cuz i think she thinks models don't smile. i don't know where she comes from. i don't think i have ever even watched  a model show with her but we do look at magazines! she is so much fun! i love this girl. she is growing up way too fast though. where'd my baby go? 

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

an up and coming star!

well navy sure was she was looking pretty good! haha! can you belieave her poses! so the other night we went to a Robyn show (which was really good and if you don't know who she is you should definitey check her out. she was nominated for a grammy this year for new artist but didn't win) and this is what brian dressed her in. she is wearing the cutest little michael jackson shirt that says beat it. anyways. while we there navy was being her cute, funny, smart self and while i was looking at a magazine she turns to me and says "mommy i need a magazine." well there just happened to be a talent scout there and heard navy talkng to me who came up to me and says "this girl needs to be a star." and i was like "your right!" and the next thing you know we are setting up a time to meet for an interview with a hollywood management agency. we'll go in on saturday to see what the deal is but they are already talking pictures and acting classes and the works. it could be a scam but it could be legit. it doesn't hurt to look into it though. i have always thought she had star potential but i thought i was just biased but she does talk REALLY well and clearly for her age so who knows! i'll keep you posted!