Wednesday, November 24, 2010

pictures for the last post

audio today
she loves her brother sooooooo much.

minutes after he was born

minutes before he was born!

so here's the story

audio is 3 and a half weeks old and it feels like he has always been here. i can't really remember what it was like to just have navy. so far he is such a good and easy baby. we have had lot's of visitors that have helped a ton with playing with the beans. first my mom came, then sally and shane, then brian's dad, then brian's mom and sister again, and now tomorrow my sister will get here for a last minute thanksgiving weekend visit! it has been great! thanks everyone for your help!

so i have been wanting to write about my labor just so i have it recorded somewhere. it was was such an amazing experience and so different then it was with Navy. with navy it was really easy and slow. i had an epidural after about 7 hours of slow labor and didn't have her until about 8 hours after that. i didn't feel a thing and things went really smooth.
with audio, things went really smooth but they went REALLY fast! On Halloween night we went to brian's boss' parents house for a party. i was joking with everyone that the baby was never going to come cuz i had no signs of labor at all. we had tons of fun at the party and left around 10 PM. we got home and went to bed and around 1:15 AM i woke up with what i thought must be a contraction. it was kinda painful but nothing too crazy. i laid there for a little while waiting to have another one and about 7 minutes later i did. i decided to sit up and start timing them. they just kept coming about 5 minutes apart but they still weren't too painful. i was thinking i could probaby just hang out until the morning so i wouldn't have to take Navy anywhere in the middle of the night and wake people up. i went to the bathroom around 2AM and saw that i was bleeding. at this point i got a little worried cuz any sort of bleeding while pregnant is usually not a good thing. so i got on the computer and googled it and couldn't really find any answers, so i called labor and delivery at the hospital and they told me to come and they would check me out. i started packing a bag for navy and called a friend in our ward and told her we would need to drop navy off with her in a few minutes. i woke up brian and finished getting our stuff ready. on the way to the hospital my contractions were about 2 minutes apart and getting more painful, but if i hadn't been bleeding i would have stayed home. we got to the hospital a little after 3AM. they checked me in and right away offered me an epidural. i asked if they could check how far a long i was first. i was already at 7cm!!! i said they could put in an order for an epidural but that i was kind of hoping to do it naturally. turns out i was bleeding because my cervix was dilating so quickly. at around 4 we called our parents to say that we were in the hospital at about 4:15 my water broke and things started getting really intense. my doctor checked me and i was 9cm a few minutes later i told her i needed to push and she checked again and said "ok go ahead and push." i started pushing and i remember thinking "if i do this really hard and strong now i won't have to wait for another contraction and do it all again." so i pushed one time with everything that i had and out came Audio at 4:28!! 1 push, a little over an hour after we got to the hospital and only 3 hours after my first contraction. i couldn't believe it!! we called our parents and they were shocked too. my mom said she thought she would get a call sometime the late afternoon!
i felt so good and everything happened exactly as it should.
Audio was 7.85 lbs and 20 inches and totally perfect!

Friday, November 5, 2010


Audio Ingstrom Osborne!! Details coming soon....