Friday, October 29, 2010

Neff Halloween Party!

So today is my due date and still no baby!! which in a way is just fine cuz we have more Halloween celebrations to participate in! this afternoon was Brian's work party. Bri was a mime, Navy a princess and i just drew a pumpkin on my belly. it was fun. Brian hadn't talked all day to his co-workers and didn't talk at all until the end of the party! Navy won 3rd place for best costume and she got $50 so we headed over to Target after the party and she picked out a new dress up dress !

Brian trying to tell Navy something without making any noise!
My pumpkin belly!

Monday, October 25, 2010


so the countdown is on. 4 days til my due date and no signs of anything happening!!! ahhhhh! sometimes i want the little guy to be here NOW. other times i'm totally content with him hanging out. i just don't want a 10 lb. baby so i guess the sooner the better. other then trying to get ready for the babe we have been doing some fun Halloweeny things. Navy and i went a pumpkin patch with her preschool.

Most little girls have cute smiles in pictures. Navy feels the need to do her model face!
One of many of the animals at the pumpkin patch. the turkey was by far our favorite. "mom, the colors on his face look so pretty together" -NAVY
Navy decided that the pumpkins needed some organizing. so she spent about 15 minutes moving the evenly spaced pumpkins into a pile until i said enough was enough. i think she would would have done it all day.
Navy had a trunk or treat at her school the other day. i have been bugging her to decide what she was going to be all month and finally the day of her party i took her thrift store shopping and we found this beauty! a unicorn pegasus! navy was smitten so we made her a princess riding a Pegasus unicorn.

Saturday night we drove up to a park by our house at the top of a hill that overlooks the ocean and all of ventura. it was a beautiful night and the pictures in no way do it justice.
blahhhh! that is how i'm feeling/looking lately. oh well! not too much longer.
While we were there brian's boss and his family showed up. there little boy Jett is one of Navy's favorite friends!
Sunset over Ventura.
i think it's love!
Hopefully my next post will be to announce our new baby boy! until then....