Tuesday, June 10, 2008

we miss idaho

navy getting the dog and cat.
sitting in a tree.
on top of the dog house.
i have so many pictures still to share. we just had so much fun. everyday navy asks for the dog and cat and it has been 2 weeks since we were there. she has such a good memory, it seems like she should remember me telling her not to get in the toilet or garbage can but i still have to tell her not to about 50 times a day. she has a very selective memory! hey nicole, tell me what the food storage pamphlet is called again. i'm gonna go get it. i haven't been able to stop thinking about food storage since we talked. i layed awake in bed thinking about it for like an hour.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

i couldn't love her more!

she is my world! her expressions are to die for and she is getting more and more animated everyday. my two new favorite things she says are "alright" when she means yes, and "oh B" her version of "oh baby" when she is sad or hurt. you have to hear her cute little voice saying them.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

bonners ferry idaho

so i just got back yesterday from visiting my parents for 2 weeks and it was soooo fun. navy loved it. she played outside all day everyday. chased the dog and cats until they got mad at her and scratched her and then went right back to chasing and pulling tails. my dad cooked us awesome food the whole time, teija came to visit for the weekend, and brian even got to come up for a day when his tour came through spokane. navy was so cute when she saw him. she seriously didn't let go of him the whole time he was there. we went on some fun weekend trips around the area. we drove all around norhern montana and went to hot springs montana and stopped at some awesome waterfalls along the way. it is so beautiful up where my parents live. i'm very loyal to beautiful lake tahoe but i have got to say that northern idaho and montana are just as pretty, minus all the tourists. i loves it there. lifes is so simple. my parents have 20 acres of beautiful wooded property. you can go for a long walk/hike for hours all on their land. they have planted an awesome garden and i know that when the world comes to an end they we will easily be able to live off their land and the fruits of their labor. we took so many pictures that i can't decide which ones to post so i'm just gonna put a ton up and then more later (and probably even more later). i'm happy to be back though to a place where my computer doesn't take forever to load a page and my cell phone works!