Saturday, September 11, 2010

The park across the street from our apartment is one of the best things about living in Ventura. It is actually an old cemetery where about 150 people are buried. there are even headstones for about 50 of them. they are all from the 1800's. it's pretty cool. on a regular day it has a great view of the ocean but on foggy days it looks like this! we love foggy days!
Navy took some flowers off of a grave...
Brian explained to her that it was not okay, so they walked them back.
On Friday of labor day weekend we decided that we should do something fun for the weekend so brian called up his aunt Dana in San Francisco and we headed up there that night for the three day weekend. we spent a few days in the city just wandering around. i love that city! plus it was so fun to see his aunt and cousin sophie. this is navy down at pier 39.
Sometimes she really hates to have her pictures taken.
So this is a funny most of you know, navy lives in pretend world. in this picture she told brian, "dad i'm in a band and i play the drums. these are my ghetto glasses and this is the face i do cuz i'm in a band." she thought she was pretty cool!
Navy's second day of preschool. i just love the pose she chose to do!
A few days ago it was my birthday!! thanks everyone for my nice birthday wishes! navy and i made this cake for my birthday! navy has a small obsession with watching cake decorating tutorials on youtube. she can seriously watch them for an hour. she can tell you how to make a mermaid cake, a bunny, a barbie cake, a turtle, a robot, and this caterpillar. pretty cute huh.
Navy decided it was a girl so it needed eyelashes.
and last but not least this is my belly as of about an hour ago. it getting bigger and more uncomfortable by the day but i really can't complain. i have had such an easy pregnancy (knock on wood) and it has flown by!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Day of Preschool!

i just got home from taking Navy to her first day of preschool! i'm not sure how i feel about it! i'm excited for her to learn and play and make new friends. and i'm excited to have a few hours to myself...but at the same time i miss her and don't want her to be so old and grown up! her school will be awesome though. i can literally see if from my living room window so it is just a quick walk over, and the teachers seems so fun and navy wasn't very sad or nervous to leave me at all cuz they had so many fun things set up to do. here are a few pictures...

They have a whole closet of dress-ups!! she is in heaven!!!