Monday, March 22, 2010

we all went to a break dance battle the other night and navy was set on dancing. she talked about it all afternoon. first she wanted to dance to lady gaga's song Telephone cuz she loves the music video (i know totally inappropriate but it is current fave. she is always saying "you've been a very very bad girl gaga.") but she settled for single ladies since she knows some of the moves. so she got one of her favorite people in the world Kaitlyn (who also happens to be a hip-hop dance teacher) to go up with her (cuz you know there was no way i was gonna dance in front of 200 people). anyways she did great but only got a few moves out! she loved it and all the attention she got from people when the battle was over. i'm proud of her! i think most 3 year olds would be freaked out of all the people and yelling and cheering, but not navy. i guess when you grow up watching your daddy on stage, it becomes second nature! too cute!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

march 2010

we are loving rexburg now that the weather is getting a little bit less freezing. i won't say it is getting warm cuz that would definitely be an exaggeration. it is getting less freezing though. we have been going to the park, on lots of bike rides and walks and just enjoying being outside for a little while each day. life is good! brian started a blog a while ago and he actually updates his so everyone should check it out. he usually just posts work and art related things but it is still good. so here are some recent pictures of life in rexburg.

i gave navy a little haircut.
navy wanted my bra on under clothes. hahaha!
brian gave her a tatoo. she wanted a rose.
don't worry though...we were very careful to explain to her that pretend tatoos are ok but that real ones are not. she seemed ok with it.
navy at a show. it is her absolute favorite thing to do. she thinks that all our friends are her BEST friends (especially corine and preston) and just loves to get out and dance and sing and socialize. she definitely takes after brian.
also last month nicole came to rexburg to visit and it was so great. i wish i had gotten some pictures. i was sad for like a week after she left cuz i just wished we could live by each other and go to lunch and walmart together everyday. maybe someday we can. we're lucky that brian can work from anywhere. should we move to reno when he is done with school? navy is still talking about her best friend nicole and her little tiny cutest dog in the whole wide world Dottie.