Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall 2009

I love the fall in southern california! the weather is perfect! we have been pretty busy the last few months. Brian toured with his friends' band, and Navy and i spent a month visiting family. first we went to salt lake, then to idaho, then portland. unfortunately i don't have any pictures cuz brian had our camera with him. i do however have lot's of pictures of what we have been up to since coming home. so here they are:
A beautiful fall evening at the lighthouse.
This is the first day we saw brian again after his tour and our trips. We met up with him in santa barbara at his friend tyler's wedding. Navy was so happy to have her dad again!
A family picture at the wedding.
Afternoon at the beach! it is october and we are at the beach!! life couldn't get better!
making "chocolate sand soup".
Beach babe

brian and i had a night off (thanks sal and shane) and bri took me to a concert in LA. it was so fun! we saw Mika and he was awesome.

date night!

Our tinkerbell. so there will be quite a few tinkerbell pictures. sorry. i just thought she was sooo cute!
Scary witch face

navy won cutest costume award at a church party. There were three wards worth of kids there.
Watching the kids hit a pinata.
She decided she wanted to be Belle for trick or treating.
Then we went to a street party downtown. As we were leaving a grabbed some of navy's crayola markers and painted brian and i up.
Navy loved the other princesses.

Life is good and we are looking forward to the holidays' and a time to give thanks. speaking of giving thanks, sally has started a thing called mom's morning off where she babysits kid's that she knows for super cheap, one day a week. it is WONDERFUL! navy loves it and i love it. thanks sal. we love you!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009



Brian made this the other day for me. the pics were taken at brian's aunt dana's house and sally took them. obviously navy is doing her best modeling poses.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An anchor for navy!

today navy brought me into the kitchen and says "look what i did! it's an anchor for Navy!" she made an anchor out of her letters on the fridge! she constantly amazes me.

so life is going good! we had so much fun with brian's family the last few weeks but i gotta get some pictures from sally then i'll do another post.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

An artist

so i don't know if i am just a proud mom that thinks that her kid is the smartest, nicest, most creative 2 year old in the world, but i am just so impressed with her everyday! today she drew this, with zero help from me. i think she is amazing!!!

by the way, my finger feels great. i have no pain at all (even with no vicodin). everything is healing pretty well!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Franken-finger BEWARE: there's pictures!

so last night i was making brian and navy a cookie dough milkshake with my hand-held blender. i finished it and was trying to get every last bit into the cup, so with my index finger of my left hand i was scraping the icecream out from around the blade. my thumb on the other hand accidently hit the button on the blender and before i knew it, my finger was sliced up really well. thankfully brian was right by me and acted fast. we wrapped up my finger in a towel, got navy dressed and into the car and we were off to the ER. 6 hours, several stiches, and a broken finger later i was home. not fun. my finger is mess but luckily intact.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th of July!

we had so much fun on the 4th! we spent the day at the beach in Huntington Beach enjoying the waves (Long Beach doesn't get any waves) and then the evening and fireworks in Long Beach at a friends beach house. Navy is good friend's with two girls (Katie and Ella) that Sally babysits quite often, whose house we were at. So Navy loved every minute of it. Navy woke up on the morning of the 4th and told me "tonight...we'll be American's and see fireworks that look like flowers, fairies, and books!" she was so excited. when the time for fireworks came she wasn't scared at all and even got to do a few sparklers!
now we are getting ready to go to utah on Tuesday. we will be there from the 14th until the 28th! we can't wait to see all our family! See you soon!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

birthday tea party

On friday navy and i went to her friend katie's birthday party. It was a dress up "tea party" and it was so cute and fun. all the little girls and even some mom's dressed up in their girliest dresses, had lunch, made hat's and played a little dress up. navy was in heaven.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

at the robertson's with caleb and laura

bonner's ferry pictures!

so i always think that i am going to get better at keeping this updated but it never happens. so i guess you'll just have to take what you can get. we have been busy the last couple of months. the big highlight was going to my parents house for a few weeks while they were on a cuise to alaska. teija was there with us, the weather was perfect and we played outside almost the whole time. life is good. we then housesat for some kinda relatives (my brother in law alex's in laws). that was so fun cuz they have a few young kids that navy loves.  i pretty much never say her cuz she was so busy playing. now we are back at home just getting back in the groove of things and loving life in long beach. 

Saturday, May 2, 2009

so brian has been drawing a lot lately for shirts he is designing for other bands (his graphic design is now our only source of income and it is working surprising well.) so navy loves to draw now too and always says she is making a shirt like daddy. usually her drawing of shirts turns into drawing on herself so today brian decided to go along with her and he did his own little drawing and this is what we got. she has become quite the model latley since i have been watching america's next top model. she constatly tells me "i'm a model. take my picture!" and proceeds to strike all sorts of modelesque poses. she cracks me up!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Happy easter everyone!! so it has been awhile since i have updated but we have been pretty busy. after living in sally and shane's living room for over a month (thanks so much guys!) we finally got a place of our own and i love it!! it is a small studio apartment in Long Beach! we are only a couple blocks from the beach! the apartment is old but cute! and little by little it is becoming more like home!

so today navy and i went to a park in huntington beach for some easter festivities! we had so much fun. they had a candy hunt, games, face painting, and of course it was at a park so we spent some time on the slides and swings. navy loved it and hasn't stopped talking about it.

life is good :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Top Model

so last night (at like 11:30 pm) navy got all dressed up in this outfit. i thought she was cute so i pulled out the camera and took like 20 pictures of her and she just kept posing. everytime i would take one she would change her pose. i swear she thought was in a photoshoot for Vogue magazine! she is such a ham! i couldn't get her to smile cuz i think she thinks models don't smile. i don't know where she comes from. i don't think i have ever even watched  a model show with her but we do look at magazines! she is so much fun! i love this girl. she is growing up way too fast though. where'd my baby go?