Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall 2009

I love the fall in southern california! the weather is perfect! we have been pretty busy the last few months. Brian toured with his friends' band, and Navy and i spent a month visiting family. first we went to salt lake, then to idaho, then portland. unfortunately i don't have any pictures cuz brian had our camera with him. i do however have lot's of pictures of what we have been up to since coming home. so here they are:
A beautiful fall evening at the lighthouse.
This is the first day we saw brian again after his tour and our trips. We met up with him in santa barbara at his friend tyler's wedding. Navy was so happy to have her dad again!
A family picture at the wedding.
Afternoon at the beach! it is october and we are at the beach!! life couldn't get better!
making "chocolate sand soup".
Beach babe

brian and i had a night off (thanks sal and shane) and bri took me to a concert in LA. it was so fun! we saw Mika and he was awesome.

date night!

Our tinkerbell. so there will be quite a few tinkerbell pictures. sorry. i just thought she was sooo cute!
Scary witch face

navy won cutest costume award at a church party. There were three wards worth of kids there.
Watching the kids hit a pinata.
She decided she wanted to be Belle for trick or treating.
Then we went to a street party downtown. As we were leaving a grabbed some of navy's crayola markers and painted brian and i up.
Navy loved the other princesses.

Life is good and we are looking forward to the holidays' and a time to give thanks. speaking of giving thanks, sally has started a thing called mom's morning off where she babysits kid's that she knows for super cheap, one day a week. it is WONDERFUL! navy loves it and i love it. thanks sal. we love you!


Alicia Young said...

What a beautiful family you have! so uber hip and whatnot! Navy is a beautiful little fairy... no costume needed:)

Morgan said...

Jeeeeez, Navy is so super cute!!!

Teija in PDX said...

#1 - Great job on posting a bit about you and not just Navy. (Still have to work on a post dedicated solely to you).
#2 - Forgot to ask, what was Navy's initial reaction to seeing her daddy again with short hair?
#3 - You're totally cross-eyed in that pic of you in the glasses at the Mika concert. Haha.

sally jo said...

Ahhhhhhh! Those are such cute photos of the Beans! Man, seriously, none of her future cousins have a chance! Thanks for the shout out - I take every chance I get to be with that girl. I love doing it. And you deserve it :)

sarawhat said...

Kirsti I almost jumped out of my seat with excitement when I saw you had a new post! I told you... #1 climate!! So glad you're enjoying socal without me..:(. Navy is so stinkin beautiful and OF COURSE she won the cutest costume award, just look at her! And you look super super hot and I like your hair with that cute headband in it and I miss and I hope I get to see you at xmas time. Oh! Actually, I'll be getting there around thanksgiving and staying until new years. Will you still be there???

nicole boice said...

i love your hair that length!! you look super hot... super cute family... and navy is gorgeous. she looks seriously, exactly like gwenyth paltrow in all the tinkerbell pictures. i love you!!!

nicole boice said...

and i agree with teija... you do need a post dedicated to you

sarawhat said...

Dear Kirsti,
I'm sad you didn't come and say goodbye to me. But I'm glad that I got to see you while I was in cali. I miss you and I hope you're loving being back in Idaho. Call me soon?