Saturday, April 11, 2009


Happy easter everyone!! so it has been awhile since i have updated but we have been pretty busy. after living in sally and shane's living room for over a month (thanks so much guys!) we finally got a place of our own and i love it!! it is a small studio apartment in Long Beach! we are only a couple blocks from the beach! the apartment is old but cute! and little by little it is becoming more like home!

so today navy and i went to a park in huntington beach for some easter festivities! we had so much fun. they had a candy hunt, games, face painting, and of course it was at a park so we spent some time on the slides and swings. navy loved it and hasn't stopped talking about it.

life is good :)


Adam Wallace said...

wait up, i think you missed a big event in this update. your hair doesn't look like that photo!

sarawhat said...

Oh kirsti you are just the cutest Mom. Navy's hair is getting so much longer and so so cute. It's so weird to me sometimes while I'm living in all the random places, you're living where I grew up. Easter Egg hunts in HB...aaah good times.

kellymccaleb said...

hey! one of my favorite girl photographers lives in LA (i don't know her, just admire her work) and she is always looking for girls to shoot. you should email her, for real, you'd be a great fit. look at her website,

and then look at contact at the bottom and it has her email. plllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. you'd be so pretty in her shots!