Friday, October 29, 2010

Neff Halloween Party!

So today is my due date and still no baby!! which in a way is just fine cuz we have more Halloween celebrations to participate in! this afternoon was Brian's work party. Bri was a mime, Navy a princess and i just drew a pumpkin on my belly. it was fun. Brian hadn't talked all day to his co-workers and didn't talk at all until the end of the party! Navy won 3rd place for best costume and she got $50 so we headed over to Target after the party and she picked out a new dress up dress !

Brian trying to tell Navy something without making any noise!
My pumpkin belly!


A+M said...

cute pumpkin belly!!!! Navy's little high heels are adorable. :-)

Sally said...

Yay! Sooo cute! I love that Navy won 3rd place at the party. That is awesome, I bet she was so excited. You look super cute and Brian's mime costume is sweet! So funny that he didn't talk all day, wow. Thanks for posting! Can't wait to get the call that the baby's coming!!