Tuesday, July 1, 2008

alex and morgan's wedding

so last week brian's brother alex got married to morgan in the san diego temple. it was so beautiful and brian's family came here from china for it so it was so fun. morgan was beautiful and alex was so cute. i loved their hats. at the recption all of us in the wedding party wore hots too. it was cute and it really made me think that i could have done things so much different for my own wedding. they just did everything they wanted and i didn't really pput much thought into mine. teija planned the whole thing (thanks)! =according to bri's mom, navy was the best decoration of alex's whole wedding! she was so cute just running around and playing with kids there. i barely saw her the wholetime. the only bad thing about it all was that it was way too hot even in in san diego. taking pictures was hard for all of us. i felt really sorry for alex in his suit. for the week after the wedding we stayed in a beach house right on the boardwalk in newport beach so expect a few more post and lots of pictures pretty soon.


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