Monday, August 11, 2008

Bonner's Ferry

here's navy reading one of my books wearing a hat teija made.
sister's at the river

walking on my parent's property

i spent 2 wonderful weeks in idaho with my parents. we love it there. navy plays outside all day picking flowers ("no no no!" she tells me when she does. but it doesn't seem to stop her), chasing the dog and cats and pulling their tails (once again i hear "no no no" but it didn't stop the whole time), and going for walks. we went to the nighbor's house and saw there cows, chickens, bunnys and cats. navy loved it. my sister even came up from portland for a few days and it was soooo fun to have her. navy loves her De De.  mom had one of the weeks i was there off from work too so i got to see a lot more of her on this trip then i did on the last few. i love my mom. we are similar. thanks to dad we ate so much good food lot's of it having to do with huckleberries since my dad is obsessed with picking them. if anyone wants a huckleberry milkshake or smoothie, or pancakes, or pie, come on over cuz dad sent me home with a ton.


sarawhat said...

she's getting so big! And kirsti... you look amazing. Would never guess that you've had a baby. You parents property looks amazing.

heather said...

every time I look at your blog, I miss my mom. I dont' know why. Love you kirsti!