Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas tree!

first off, i'm sorry for not flipping the pictures but i'm using brian's computer and i'm just lucky i figured out how to get them up at all. i'll flip them when i have brian to help. sorry, i know they are a pain to look at. yesterday we went out and got a christmas tree! it's real little but it makes it feel a little more christmasy especially since it is 70 degrees on a cold day and we are surrounded by palm trees. navy loved to play with the fake snow and reindeer and snowman yard decoratios all over the tree lot. so next week navy and off to bonner's ferry again for 10 days so we'll have some real snow pictures soon. then when i get back bri's family is coming for a few weeks. we will have an exciting month coming up!

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sarawhat said...

Helloooooooo kirsti! I miss you! I love love love your new apartment. That is so awesome. And Navy is so cute and BIG! We finally got the internet today. So I'll call you tonight or tomorrow. Talk to you soon!