Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mother's day

i have the best life!! i love being a mom. i have an awesome husband (who got me 7 2 liter coke zeros for mother's day) and the easiest, happiest little girl. i am so fortunate to be a stay at home mom. i love that i belong to a church that praises mother's and understands the importance of a mother staying at mom. i am so lucky to have a mom that raised in the church even without having my dad there with her. she was and is, so strong and patient and nonjudgemental. what a great example. here are a few new pictures. Brian made lasagna for us today and navy throughly enjoyed it. happy mother's day to a the beautiful mom's i know,


nicole boice said...

navy looks so old all of the sudden! i love the pictures where she looks just like you. for some reason i want to cry looking at this post... i think it's cause i miss you and i think that i want you to be my mom, because i know you are such a wonderful one. and get real... i made up the fan club. but you probably did repeat it after me and get the credit. haha. love you- happy mothers day!!

nicole boice said...

ps- keep posting it makes me so happy