Monday, May 12, 2008

love you long time

so brian is in a band called love you long time and it takes up a lot of time in both of our lives. he started the band about 4 years ago and after several changes in the line-up of people, it is now brian (guitar,vocals, keyboard), his sister sally (keytar), her husband shane (bass), and our friend liam (drums). it's has taken awhile but they are doing so good now. they tour a ton, have some super legit managers and an entertainment lawyer and have played some pretty huge shows mostly in the utah and idaho area. they have played with colbie calet (sp?), dashboard confessional, the format, limbeck, aqua bats (twice), shiny toy guns and most recently eve six. it's so fun to be an (almost) rockstar's wife. their music is good and uplifting and they try hard to be good examples and share the gospel whenever possible. check them out at they just put up 3 new songs yesterday and they're getting tons of plays.
p.s. how hot is brian!!


nicole boice said...

they've played with so many good people! good for them. tell brian congrats... and keep posting! i'm so proud of you, you almost wife of a rockstar you.

Elizabeth... : ) said...

isnt it wife of an almost rockstar? haha... i didnt know that. ive heard of that band. a lot of the kids in my stake listen to that... haha..
o.... p.s. i just found your blog : ]