Thursday, May 15, 2008

little fashionista

i don't know how to flip pictures so you'll just have to turn your heads. so navy came out of my room wearing this this morning. she has on my shirt and brian's skateboarding helmet. she wore them for like 20 minutes just prancing around. she was quite proud of her little ensemble. so right now brian is driving home from san francisco. he just flew up there yesterday. it seems that our little honda with nearly 300,000 miles on it, has finally kick the bucket. luckily we found out about a month ago the brian's aunt was looking to get rid of a car and we just needed to get up there and get it. soooo lucky. she even gave brian $100 for gas money. a free car and gas money! so we'll be driving a white '96 oldsmobile for awhile. at least it has air conditioning cuz it is supposed to be almost 100 degrees for the next few days here. yuck! on monday i am on my way up to idaho to stay with my parents for a few weeks while brian is on tour. i'm so excited! my parents are even more excited. navy will get to play with all the farm animals my parents neighbors have and mom and dad's dog and cats. she'll we in heaven!


nicole boice said...

that will be sooo fun to go up to your parents... i'm jealous, i bet it's so beautiful up there. navy is so cute. does she bat her eyelashes for pictures yet? haha

kellymccaleb said...

i can't believe how old she is! my goodness!

i was in line at cafe rio and the teenager in front of me was wearing a love you long time shirt!!

love ya kirsti!

sarawhat said...

she is so cute...and so old! aww, I want to see her.

Teija in PDX said...

in this pic, her lips look exactly like your lips from old baby pics.