Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beach Day!!!

 I really can't say enough about Ventura!!! it is soooo awesome! we love it here! the weather is perfect ALWAYS! and we just live in the best location. the other day we went to the beach with shaun neff and his wife courtni and their kids Lyon and Jett it was sooo nice and fun. here are some pictures that Courtni took...
Navy about to squish a sea urchin

they are so cute together. LOVE IT!! they are about 6 months apart and love each other!

throwing rocks with Jett.

me and courtni with our babes Lyon and Audio

more rock throwing

everybody looking for sea urchins! they will spray when you squish them!

so get this... we were at the beach and all of a sudden there is a guy walking 2 goats down by the water like they are dogs...CRAZY. he rescued them from a petting zoo. navy loved it!

we loved it! it was our very own petting zoo!

Audio enjoying his Saturday afternoon

crazy guy and his goats!

more sea urchin squishing!


sarawhat said...

SUCH great pictures! Love you kirsti and you your BEAUTIFUL family.

Sally said...

Those are some good pics! Ventura is the bomb and you guys are cute. I'm glad you have the Neff family.

julieb said...

i seriously want goats for pets, but the really tiny jumping ones..

nicole boice said...

I'm not glad you have the neff family... I get crazy jealous when you have other girlfriends. Is that weird? I'm real possesive of you. You are never ever allowed to like anyone better than me, got it? Just remember who's immortilizing you in a book :) what I'm basically trying to say is that I love you and miss you.