Thursday, February 24, 2011

fun with Photobooth

So today navy and i had fun with the photobooth program on the computer. she wants to tell me all the captions. here we go...

me and mom

at eiffel tower

me and mom did this... some funny pictures.

we did this picture in outerspace

we are in a little girl's polkadot dress and skirt

dear navy and mom,  we did this together.

at the sunset with the beach and the dolphins and the killer whales

i look like a little baby monster and mom looks like an old Egypt man

i look like a chinese princess

mom looks like a creepy dinosaur alien

we are glowing in the house

we are in an x-ray

we are in 4 different colored squares

we are drawing with a pencil on us

we are at the china wall with a waterfall
I love to hang out with my girl while audio is sleeping. she is my favorite friend.


Teija in PDX said...

My fave: The "Old Egypt Man." I take it Navy also wants you to shave your head? You're bald in all the pics.

julieb said...

she is ooo funny!

GRodenberg said...

you are the funnest mom EVER

Dave said...

I think creepy Dinosaur Alien pretty much sums up the look you go for...