Saturday, October 6, 2007

so i decided to start a blog because:

A. Sara challenged me to do it.

B. I love to look at other peoples' blogs so it is only fair that i take the time to do one too.

C. I love my life and thought i should share a piece of it.

D. I have cutest baby girl in the world and want everyone to see her.

So a week ago or so sara tagged me so i'll start my blog with that.

What was I doing 10 years ago....

good times. 16 years old and just got my liscense. nicole and i are driving all around tahoe listening to sublime and looking for a party to go to. always an adventure being the drunkest sober girls there. then when it's time to leave we have to push start my little VW bug because it had problems with the battery. i wanna be back there so bad!

What was I doing 5 years ago...

at college living with Nicole in our cozy little house making BLTs and coke (it was real coke back then not diet) with fresh lemon and lime. Back to the future, or blue crush is playing on repeat in our bedroom.

What was I doing 1 year ago...

Married to Brian and pregnant. we are back in rexburg after a summer of touring with love you long time and living in Huntington Beach and working at the Cheesecake Factory. We had just found out we are having a girl. i am so excited because i so didn't want to have a boy. brian announces to his office at work that instead of having a ninja he is having a prissy ho.

What was I doing yesterday...

Hanging out at home with navy while Bri is at work. making yummy egg salad and homemade brownies (they taste just like the ones out of the box only they took a lot longer to make). We went on a few walks around our Glendale CA neighborhood and to the grocery store to get diapers. At night we watched Brian's cousin Brandon on Private Practice.

5 places I'd rather be...

1. In China visiting Brian's family and shopping.

2. On a Carribean cruise. I've never been on a cruises but i know i would love it.

3. In Tahoe hiking around or hanging out at Fallen Leaf Lake.

4. Asleep in bed, but Navy is in and i don't want to risk waking her up by going up there.

5. With my mom and dad in Northern Idaho eating good food from there garden.

5 treats and snacks that i love...

Pepsi Max, Coke Zero, whipped cream, bacon, Ben & Jerry's mint cookie ice cream.

What would i do with a million dollars....

Travel everywhere and bring a nanny. Buy a dependable car probably a Hybrid of some sort. Buy a house maybe in Sandpoint Idaho because it is close to my parents and the next Tahoe and when people figures that out property value is going to soar.

5 favorite TV shows...

America's Next Top Model

Anything on E!

what not to wear

LA ink

My So-called Life

I can't tag anyone because everyone i know has already done this so you guys are off the hook.


Teija in Uganda said...

tag me buck. i'll fill out the survey

Grant McCaleb said...

Did Brian really say that?

Father of the year candidate.

Nicole said...

I'm so happy you finally have a blog!! Now update it!!

sarawhat said...

there you are! I had to call Nicole to ask what your blog site was.