Thursday, January 8, 2009

christmas 08

these pictures are not in order at all but, but hereis some of what we did thetwo weeks the osbornes werevisitingfrom china:
navy cooking with her new stove, pots, and food. she put's on these princess clothes the moment shewakes up! brian and i getting ready to go out to dinner on our anniversary. 4 years!! yikes that went fast!

in mexico. joe is wearing the mexican wrestler mask.

navy at a mexican orphanage. we are all so blessed to have amazing families.

doing arts projects with the orphans.

bri with an orphan. theywere so cute and did not want to be put down.

all little girls like princess clothes. even orphans in mexico.

at a clipper's basketball game new years eve.

kayaking in long beach on dec. 30th. the weather was great. sally and shane live on the beach!

late night downtown LA bike ride.

navy sleeping on the bike ride

in mexico

mexico again

christmas day playing on the beach in the rain. we went kayaking and had so much fun.

navy with presents

she is being a ballerina

i'm finally getting up some long awaited pictures of our christmas and new years. brian's family was here from china so we had soooo much fun and were really REALLY busy! navy loved having "the uncles" around and still asks for them everyday even though they've been gone for a week.


sarawhat said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! Kirsti I've called you a couple of times, but you never answer. I am 9 hours ahead of you, so you can call me until about 1 in the afternoon or after 11 at night. Navy is so cute in her princess clothes, I love little girls. They just know they're supposed to love being pretty. love it. It looks like you cut your hair shorter, but I want a good shot of it so I can see what it looks like. Love you kirsti!

Sarah said...

WOW! What an AMAZING time you guys had during Christmas and New Years! Such fun adventures with such a neat family!
Wed. night was fun at the PCA! I'm so glad we all went together.
Seriously come out next week. It would be so fun to just let the girls play.
Hope to see you soon!

Sarah said...

Are you still going to Utah this weekend? If not, you are more than welcome to come over anytime! Hope you're doing great!

Brodock's said...

Kirsti... I found you :) Long time; I enjoyed reading your blog & seeing what you are up to. How's life? Where are you at now?