Wednesday, December 1, 2010

so many things to be thankful for

Thanksgiving was so awesome. We were lucky enough to be invited to my best friend sara's family's house in Huntington Beach. It was so great! yummy yummy food, one of my best friends, and lot's of fun kids for Navy to play with. Thank you so much Powells!!
Thanksgiving night Teija flew into LAX for a last minute holiday visit and it was sooooo much fun to have her. Friday morning she went surfing with Brian while Navy and Audio and I hung out on the beach. Then we made Thanksgiving dinner with all the yummy food Nan and Sally bought us. it was so good!!! thanks guys! we went shopping, went to some parks, and hung out at the beach and pretty much enjoyed beautiful Ventura!! i wish you lived her De!
now we are busy making christmas decorations and getting ready for the next holiday which we will spend in UTAH!!! watch out family and and audio are on the way!!!
my current #1 thing to be thankful for
Teija after a morning of surfing!

Daddy and his girl!

Thanksgiving on Friday! Thanks NAN!
Navy modeling her new outfit...thanks again Grandma
yesterday navy and i made a snowflake out of Q-tips and today navy made this all by herself! i was pretty impressed!


Teija in PDX said...

#1 - Really wish we lived in the same city
#2 - Really, don't you just love the cupcake beanie?
#3 - Really impressive snowflake. Navy's an art-eest.

Sally said...

Awesome! I'm so glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving and that Teija got to come. Navy looks so cute in her new little outfit! No surprise there. Audio is growing and changing fast! Cuter and cuter.

julieb said...

your coming to utah!
what days?
we leave for Brazil on the 27th.