Saturday, May 1, 2010


the newest osborne!!! i'm about 14 weeks along, so we won't know for a few more weeks what the sex is but i think it is amazing how much like a baby it already looks! we are sooooo excited. we haven't really talked to navy about it yet cuz i think 6 months will seem like an eternity to her. but when i really start to show, i don't think we'll be able to keep it from her.
in other news, navy is obsessed with Avatar and won't let me call her anything but Jake Sully (the main character). i made her a long black braid out of yarn that she has had clipped into her hair for almost a week now!
brian left this morning to go to Ventura, CA for the next 2 weeks or so to work with a clothing company out there called Neff . so navy and i will be going to visit my parents while he is away. we can't wait! i have been trying to invite myself up to visit them for the last 3 months and finally they have accepted!!! haha!


Alicia Young said...

how exciting! congrats! I love that Navy is so into Avatar... my boys are playing it out side
right now:)

lauren said...


G-rant said...

yay! i'm so happy for you! congrats!

nicole boice said...

you have a real fun life. i wish my life was just trips different places like you :(

shauna.m. said...

so excited !!!! congrats!!!! ,iss you and wish you were here in thailand with me

sarawhat said...

can't wait to know what you're having!! Miss you kirsti!