Monday, May 24, 2010

we're moving!!!

navy and i spent the last 2 weeks with my mom and dad in Bonner's Ferry, Idaho. it was so fun to be there. navy was covered in mud pretty much everday and driving the two cats crazy. the timing couldn't have been more perfect for getting up there since we didn't know we would moving so soon.

it's official! we are leaving rexburg behind and moving to sunny ventura, ca! we couldn't be more happy! brian got the job at Neff and is one of their designers and LOVES it, we got an awesome apartment 1 mile from the beach and across the street from a park, and Navy can't wait to get back to california. we are soooo blessed and excited about our new life. we are leaving rexburg on thursday already so we have a ton to do.

life is good!


shauna.m. said...

her hair is sooo long...cant wait for you guys to get here!!

nicole boice said...

i am so happy for you. and excited for you. and love for you. ha. i can't wait to see you!!!! are you going to drive or fly?? the airport is like 2 mins from my house by the way. oh i love you. goos luck with moving. moving super sucks.

Corine said...

Seriously Kirst, this is the coolest thing ever. We LOVE you guys and are so happy for you. sad that you're moving away, but happy that we have a place in Ventura to come visit.

Alicia Young said...

well congrats on moving back to cali... now we HAVE to get together some time! we will trying to get to the beach as often as we can.. so get settled and lets plan a visit! I HAVE to meet that Navy of urs... she sounds like my kinda girl!