Friday, August 13, 2010

i suck at blogging!

navy @ six flags
the whole family at six flags
fourth of july weekend in long beach
4th of july

it has been forever since i wrote anything on here and i'm real sorry about that.
life is so so so good though! we have been in ventura, ca now for a few months and i couldn't have dreamed of better a place to live. Brian found us an apartment that is perfect! we live a mile from the ocean and close to downtown and across the street from cemetary that has been turned into a park. we even can see the ocean from our front door!! it's awesome!
brian loves his job and we live close enough that he rides his bike there everyday. working for Neff has already made him a better designer and has given him so many opportunities. a few weeks ago he went to a party at the fantasy factory ! Crazy! he gets to design so much more then just t-shirts now including sunglasses, a watch, backpacks, snowboard jackets and tons more.
navy is getting real excited for her baby brother to come! she lays on my stomach and listens for him and usually ends up getting a kick in the ear! it makes her day! hopefully she will be going into preschool within the next month we're just trying to find the right one.
i'm feeling really good. be belly is definitely starting to get in way and i'm usually pretty tired but other then that i have been really lucky and have had no problems or complications.
we have been pretty busy with brian's family the last few weeks and it has been so great to have them visiting from Guam. they have lived internationally our whole marriage so it is always a special treat to get to hang out with them. thanks for everything guys!
well i'll try not to be a stranger on here but no promises haha!


A+M said...

Navy's hair is so long and curly!!! and you look so so so cute pregnant!!!!!! So glad you guys are loving it in Ventura- luckies!


Corine said...

Im in love with this. You look so so beautiful. Holy cow. can i be you when i'm pregnant? We miss you guys so much. Love hearing that you guys are so great and happy!

Teija in PDX said...

Check out that curly hair! My niece is a natural beauty. Takes after her mother.

Teija in PDX said...

Will you name my new nephew Sonny please?

sarawhat said...

You're a super super hot pregnant chick. Not REALLY fair. And navy is so big. Can't wait to see you and navy and the little guy in a few more months! Miss you!